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The solutions for solving the challenges in the healthcare sector are possible by combining 

Network Excellence Ownership

Based on this, NEO Consulting AS was founded. The company will through strategic consulting and long-term cooperation bridge the gap 

NEO Consulting makes a difference in the healthcare sector and contributes to developing a sustainable health service.

NEO Consulting's vision is to be the market’s foremost strategic consulting firm for the healthcare sector.

NEO Consulting is working with both public and private companies in the healthcare sector, both at the government level as well as with businesses, including the primary and the specialist healthcare services. Some of our partnerships are large and complex organizations, some leading consulting and strategy firms, others are smaller new start-ups. The common denominator is that we share our ambition and vision to make a positive and significant difference in the healthcare sector.

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NEO Consulting - 5 years of strategic adivice in healthcare

5 years

8 senior strategic advisors

85 projects - from strategy and health reforms to e-health, CXO strategic advisory service, restructuring and implementation


NEO Consulting - Why - Who?

NEO Consulting's ambition is to contribute to solving important challenges in the health sector and to find effective solutions to demanding problems. NEO Consulting does this together with customers and partners who share our ambition and intention.

Derfor utvikler vi det fremste strategiske rådgivningsmiljøet og -nettverket innen helsetjenesteutvikling.

Building a new local hospital? Who should you learn from?

Hvis du er et helseforetak bestående av lokalsykehus og skal bygge nytt; hvem bør du lære av? Helgelandssykehuset HF dro på studietur for å lære. Les mer

The Embassy of Denmark in Norway is visiting Bergen and NEO Consulting

Tusen takk for utrolig spennende besøk fra Danmarks Ambassade i Norge til Bergen, Eitri Medical Incubator og NEO Consulting. Les mer

Visit from Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic

Representatives from the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and our friends from PwC Slovakia have been visiting Norway, expressing a particular interest in team oriented primary care models as Slovakia is preparing for future healthcare delivery. Read more

Clinical research, health data and e-health on the agenda with IQVIA

IQVIA og IQVIA Nordics har en imponernede posisjon internasjonalt og i Norden innen klinisk forskning, helsedata, helseinformasjonsteknologi og rådgivning. Takk for besøket og en inspirerende samling hos NEO Consulting AS! Les mer

Christimas greetings from NEO Consulting

For oss i NEO Consulting AS er det å få jobbe i helsesektoren noe av det mest meningsfylte vi kan gjøre. Tusen takk til vårt nettverk og våre samarbeidspartnere for at dette er mulig. Vi gir mulighetene videre

How is the future of management consulting?

The Future of management consulting:

"Ultimately, the real value that consultancies need to offer is in allowing clients greater access to their experience and subject-matter expertise, whether that’s through more involvement from senior partners and sector specialists or via an open consulting ecosystem and partnership network." skriver Rick Eagar, Partner Emeritus at Arthur D. Little. We agree!

Read more