Who are we?

NEO Consulting consists of experienced consultants with expertise within strategical development in the health sector, both nationally and internationally. Our consultants have wide experience introducing technology and digitization in both the public and private sector, and have worked with turnarounds, strategy development, restructuring, life science, healthcare policy, innovation, change management and organizational development.

NEO Consulting's Strategic Advisory Board consists of highly experienced strategy consultants from the health sector, with a strong commitment for healthcare service development. The advisory board contributes with their experience in projects on demand.

NEO Consulting's network

NEO Consulting is cooperating in network and together with several different competence environments in various projects. We choose our partners depending on the challenge. We are agnostic and aim to find the most suitable and best possible partner depending on the actual issue. Currently we are cooperating with:

Our consultants

Dagfinn T. Hallseth

Partner, CEO

Dagfinn T. Hallseth is the founding partner and the CEO of NEO Consulting. He has dedicated his career to the healthcare sector and is passionate about developing sustainable health services

Having been in the business for 25 years, Dagfinn has gained wide experience both nationally and internationally. He has specialized in health service development and strategy in the health sector after years working as a manager and strategic advisor. His experience includes strategy and board work, healthcare service design, business development, healthcare technology and digitization, economic restructuring, change management as well as project management.

His focus towards the healthcare sector escalated around year 2000 when Dagfinn lived and worked in London as a strategic advisor for PwC's global health industries leader. Since then, his main focus has been the healthcare sector, and he has worked for a range of international projects, for all the regional healthcare regions in Norway, for private players in the health industry, for international actors and institutions, for various health ministers and public institutions, for healthcare departments and directorates, and with suppliers for the healthcare sector. For years he was in charge of the healthcare business for PwC in Norway at the same time as he was part of PwC's global leadership team for Healthcare. During this period he was also PwC's health leader in Europe, the Middel East and Africa until he in 2018 established  NEO Consulting. 

You can read more about his background here. 

Eystein J. Hauge

Partner, Chairman of the board

Eystein J. Hauge; MD, MBA, is partner and chairman of the board at NEO Consulting. Eystein J. Hauge is a qualified doctor from the University of Bergen. In addition to his Cand.med. and specialty in plastic surgery and a speciality in community medicine, he has a bachelor degree in health management from Norwegian Business School (BI), an MBA degree from the NHH Norwegian School of Economics in strategy and management, and a diploma in Value based health care from Harvard Business School. 

Eystein J. Hauge has been director and chief clinical advisor for PwC Norway. During his time at PwC he has been part of projects expanding throughout the entire healthcare service; from strategic work, organisational development and external quality assuranse to management-for-hire positions within  the Interdisciplinary collaboration in the treatment of drugs  (TSB) in the community healthcare service.

As former chief physician and assisting director of the Volvat group, a private healthcare provider, Eystein J. Hauge had the overall responsibility for the medical quality of the company as well as internal audits. He also held a key position in the strategic and organisational work of improving the financial results for Volvat before the parent company Capio AB, went on the stock exchange in Stockholm in June 2015.  

Before that, Eystein J. Hauge was the medical director and partner as well as playing a major part in the building up of Teres Medical Group AS from five separate Norwegian clinics to 17 private hospitals in the three Scandinavian countries. Here he also had the responsibility of the medical quality and internal audits. In February 2015, Teres Medical Group AS was acquired by their competitor Aleris AB.

You can read more about this background here. 

Eirik Tenfjord

Senior consultant

Eirik Tenfjord has a master in Economics and Business Administration from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, with his majors in organisation and management. He wrote his master's on implementation of alternative working hours agreements in the health and care sector. Further he is also a technical engineer

For four years Erik Tenfjord worked as political advisor at the municipality of Bergen for the health council and for the city council leader. During this time he gained extensive knowledge to the health and welfare services as well as to political and administrative management. 

As a consultant for PwC and for NEO, Eirik Tenfjord has been working for several different councils and health authorities, using his competence to help them with planning, organizing, staffing and the economy. He was also the enterprise architect and responsible for e-health in Digi Vestland, introducing digital joint solutions for the municipalities

Helene-Christin Skaarnes

Executive PA

Helene-Christin Skaarnes is a technical translator by profession from the University of Agder. She worked for 20 years in the localisation business both as a translator, proofreader and project manager for large international actors before she moved on to work in the administration at Haukeland University Hospital, where she worked closely with the top management for many years

Jens Riis

Senior consultant

Jens has worked as an enterprise architect and project manager in the local government sector focusing on change by using lean methodology. He has in-depth knowledge of the local government as well as the banking and insurance industry through having built up and  professionalised The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) to a developing partner for its members. In addition he has worked with national IT architecture within public administration, and he has managed and built up enterprise architecture as a capability in the municipality of Bergen. Further he has participated as manager and IT architect for building up the Nordic IT architect function for Tryg, as well as managing DnB's department for information systems.

Through his work as a manager and developer, he has gained valuable experience for understanding technology and its possibilities. It has also given him a solid base to understand the dynamics in leadership and interpersonal relationships, which are the main factors for creating an environment and culture for constant change.

NEO Consulting Strategic Advisory Board

Why NEO Strategic Advisory Board?

Since the start in 2018 NEO Consulting has contributed to about a 100 projects, several of great importance for our partners, for society and with great potential of development of the healthservices

Through our Strategic Advisory Board our customers and partners have access to some of the most experienced subject matter experts, and their involvement improves our deliveries. 

Stener Kvinnsland

Head of NEO Strategic Advisory Board

Professor emeritus Stener Kvinnsland is head of NEO Consulting's Strategic Advisory Board. Stener Kvinnsland was the CEO at Haukeland University Hospital - Helse Bergen HF and was Chairman of the board at both Oslo University Hospital (OUS) and at Stavanger University Hospital - Helse Stavanger HF. Further he was in charge of Kvinnslandutvalget (a committee revising the Norwegian hospital model) as well as leading the largest and most complex public commission in Norwegian history, the  Corona commission (Koronakommisjonen). Stener Kvinnsland is among the most respected healthcare leaders in Norway. Read more here. 

Gerd Kvale

Member of NEO Strategic Advisory Board

Gerd Kvale is a Norwegian psychologist, who in 2002 was appointed Professor in clinical psychology at the University of Bergen. Kvale graduated form the University of Bergen in 1982 as Cand.psychol.

In 2019 she was appointed Director of the newly established Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity at Haukeland University Hospital.

Kvale is a renowned researcher within the field of anxiety and OCD, and she has throughout her career been focusing on concentrated exposure treatments and evidence-based connections between clinical change and basale biological mechanisms. She was Head of the OCD team at Haukeland University Hospital from the start in 2011 until 2019.

In 2015, the Norwegian Psychology association awarded Kvale with a prize for her work on OCD .

In 2018, Time Magazine named Gerd Kvale and her colleague and partner Bjarne Hansen, as two of the 50 most influential persons in health care in 2018. The nomination was based on their development of the Bergen 4-Day Treatment (B4DT), which is a treatment for severe anxiety disorders .

Sveinung Hole

Member of NEO Strategic Advisory Board

Sveinung Hole is Managing partner at Sarsia, one of the most successful early-stage venture capital firm in Norway, focusing on Life sciences and technology, energy and sustainability. Previously has been head of two of the largest Norwegian public foundations financing research and development at Norwegian universities and hospitals. He has wide experience with business financing and asset management, as well as operational management of owner equity, in hospitals, in telecom, localizing software, purchase and sale of energy, and he has been an entrepreneur in med.tech. Further he has extensive experience from his work at the boards of various companies listed on the stock exchange as well as private companies and Investment funds. He is an experienced leader from both Norway, Denmark, Ireland and the USA, and he has been working internationally since 1991. Sveinung Hole was the head of the council for HelseOmsorg21 for two years on demand from the Minister of health, as well as he is a resource into development of health and business policies.

Sveinung Hole has been the head of several knowledge organizations and he has had the responsibility for complex change management processes. He has both established, merged, purchased, sold and closed down companies. He has been CEO, chairman of the board, member of boards, and investor both through growth, rationalization and crises. In his role as manager, Sveinung Hole has reported to CEOs and boards in the Nordic countries as well as in Europe and the USA

He is an expert on company and business development in the health industry, particularly on research based companies in need of large investments over time with international potential. Sveinung Hole has an burning engagement for research and development for a sustainable health service where resources, technology, division of labour and expectations is balanced to meet the future health challenges.