NEO Consulting was founded because

Good health is a basic and universal need in everyone's life, and contributing to the improvement of the health systems is truly meaningful. We are fortunate to be part of and benefit from one of the world's leading healthcare systems, however, despite the hard work of thousands of healthcare workers day and night, the sustainability of the health systems is challenged. Do we have sufficient resources set against the needs and possibilities? If so, for how long will it last? When will we see the change linked to sustainability in the healthcare sector

Apparantly, the healthcare sector is facing insurmountable challenges, however, new and promising solutions exist. Many of these you will find in the intersection between 

The effort should be put in preventative actions and self management as well as having the focus on well-being. Public services and a variety of private businesses need to work closer and aim for the same direction, and look at each other as possible bricks in what is to become the healthcare system of the future. This should be possible when the foundations is based on trust.

This is the core business for NEO Consulting.  

NEO Consulting's ambitions

NEO Consulting makes a difference in the healthcare sector and contribute to developing a sustainable health service

NEO Consulting shall be the foremost strategic consulting firm in the healthcare sector the Nordic